The Simple
Approach to
Pari-Mutuel Investing
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Bris Prime Power Figure And The
Overlay Fallacy.

Bris is a leading handicapping and research company who sells
what they call their most “powerful number” yet.  It is referred to as
the Prime Power (PR), and within this number many handicapping
considerations are taken into account (i.e. speed, distance, class,


Jockey win% fallacy

I will examine briefly the fallacy found in the Jockey win%;
and again, this fallacy is not that it doesn’t produce some
form of statistical increase in horse performance, but that
the application of that information is utterly useless in
finding overlays...  


The Importance Of Keeping The
Money Off Shore!

One of our research and handicapping team members has
known a former horse trainer, owner, and currently an
avid horse better for many years.  This individual sells a
trifecta system for $1,500 (still available on the internet),
and, like every other exacta or trifecta system for sale, he
promises great results using his system that took him a
lifetime to create...

We Wager on Horses but Don’t Believe in

The above statement seems like a paradox to most
investment layman and/or those who see stocks (or the
like) as something different than horse racing...